Marc Jacobs Loves Dolce & Gabbana?

Marc Jacobs had shown A/W 2013 collection in last day of NYFW 2013 on 2/14 Valentine’s day. His show supposed to be showing on Monday 2/11 as usual spot Monday at 8pm. but his show sample delivery issued he had to postpone to 2/14.

I just looked at the show on line in a hour after his show was done. is up-dating the images so quick,which is great. When I saw Marc collection. my memory of Dolce & Gabbana past collections came back in my head.  I went on look through the archive. “OMG, Really? Marc do you do this?” I don’t say exactly the copy, but almost.

H&M is always knocking off the designer’s collection right after the Fashion Week is over. but I would say. they  are allow to copy. because of they produced the product in super cheap price. so we all can afford the designer’s style in cheap price.  but Marc? Are you going to sell in super expensive knock off?

marc d&G copymarc d7g copymarc d7g1 copymarc dg copy

PRADA is prêt-à-porter.

Savage Beauty exhibition by Alexsander McQueen at Metropolitan went well. It was extended the date for showing. Savage_Beauty_(exhibition)

It seems curator from Met is trying to do more fashion designer’s exhibition.   They are picked PRADA after Alesander McQueen. It is opened in last week and will goes to untill August.impossible-conversations

It was rainy day. I thought It would be nice to be in the museum. so I went to Met to see the PRADA exhibition. I was not expecting anything fantastic,since I’ve always disappointed the most of exhibitions at Met. but at least I can get something inspiration. An exhibition was disaster to me. there are displaying many of garments with embellishments or beading work. Schiaparelli clothes are 80 years old ,so fabrics are ruined or lost stitches,which is totally understand. they are vintage history pieces.but PRADA clothes are a few years old. I bet they may have many of same pieces in left over from past collection in warehouse. so they could chose best condition pieces or they could fixed it. I saw many of garments had a piece of thread was out. some beading stitches was missing and beads was hanging. some are not ironed. fabrics was waved and wrinkled. some of sandals are way too big for mannequin’s feet,so you see the blank in toe. it’s absolutely doesn’t look nice. they could find a smaller sandals or they could make mannequin’s feet bigger to the sandals. I remember the most of PRADA collection I can recognaise the season and year. There was a dress with nothing special, I even don’t remember the dress. I really didn’t understand why they needed to have this dress in the exhibition. It totally could skipped this dress from exhibition. if dress was good condition might have kept it not necessary. but condition of dress was horrible. the seam on waist was ripped. they could restitched from the inside. that means they may need to take a lining and restitch the dress. it is little work to do. but they can hire the alteration sewer. for professional sewer fixing like it. it will be nothing. not difficult at all. but they fixed from the outside by hand stitches. even hand stitches was horrible bad job. almost like as kid’s first sewing class. level of where the stitches was exactly the same level as an average people eyes. so hard not seen it. when you stand in front of the dress you will hard to miss it. you will definitely see it.

I love PRADA and she is one of my favourite designer. Great design, Great idea, I am not going to say anything “bad” about PRADA. but PRADA is prêt-à-porter (ready to wear) not Hàute Coutúre. The clothes you can afford and you wear in daily. It can not be the pieces at museum. It is not the one dress in the world in history or something.

I would say. this exhibition was almost quality of the store event at PRADA is showing the past collection to celebrating the brand’s history.




Buyer & Boys Killer

I am not sure if I am posted this on Unlike blog. because I actually like this.

MiuMiu Fall 2012 collection showed in Paris fashion week today. collection self was quite nice. many suit in prints. I often wear the manly suit and trouser. I don’t really wear the dress or skirt. so I was happy to see the suit with trouser from one of my favourite designer MiuMiu. but I know that In general most of women loves the dress. and buyer loves to buy the pretty dresses. This MiuMiu collection will be killing the buyer and boys.                  From 36looks.  there were 28looks of the suit with trouser. only 5looks of dresses and 2looks of mini-skirts.

What the buyer can buy. What boys would be expected to see the women in dress under coat in next winter.


Design the clothes for other

I do not say that, skinny is beauty. In general we all think super fat women is not beautiful.  that is the reason there is diet pills or sports gym to lose the weight. there is not gym or pills to persuade the women to gain the weight.

Most of fashion designers are same reason Why they started to designing the clothes in beginning. because they liked the beautiful clothes and like to dress up with beautiful things in themselves. those beauty desire is become to bigger than personal life, so”they want to dress up other people also pretty and beautiful. Obviously fashion designer is care about the beauty and look. I don’t think there is a fashion designer that doesn’t care about your look. only wants to design beautiful clothes for other. we all like yourself first,care about yourself first.

I was shocking to see the designer of Rodarte on the runway in the finare of their show. I never pay attention to the designer before. many of their past collection only Laura Mulleavy is showed up on the runway. Hello Kate Mulleavy Don’t you care about your look youself? Don’t you want to wear your own collection?

Hamburger and french fries are hungry fashion

On my way flying back to NY from midwest. I was not hungry,but I was not able to stop thinking about hamburger when I see the passenger right next me. she was wearing the brown top with some ruffles on the sleeves. this ruffles reminds of the iceberg in hamburger and french fries on side.

Did she buy the top in her lunch break when she was hungry?

Target for lechery men

I saw the children clothes brand’s website. the clothes self is very nice collection. I like the design of clothes.  I am not sure and I do not like the much is the image video the posted on website. In this video the little girl is wearing their spring collection dancing smiling. she is super cute. but somehow she is sexy. looking at the video a few times again. I kind of could understand why there are the kids rape crime. Crazy lechery men could masturbate with this video,I bet.